As state legislators, we recognize the impact the prescription drug epidemic is having across the Pennsylvania. Heroin and opioids don’t discriminate. They are killing mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children who are black and white, those who are living in rural and urban communities; and these drugs are leaving devastating impacts on too many families. This isn’t a partisan issues — it’s a Pennsylvania issues and we are working together to find the best way to move people from addiction to recovery.


Leading Pennsylvania from Addiction to Recovery


“Ensuring every Pennsylvanian has access to high quality prevention and treatment of the disease of drug and alcohol addiction (substance abuse).”



  1. 24/7 availability of emergency detox & treatment facilities
  2. Staffing levels of DDAP
  3. Availability and access to long term rehabilitation facilities
  4. Insurance Coverage addendum for oversight by DDAP
  5. Loan Forgiveness
  6. Prevention programs/outreach/methods/strategies for statewide implementation


  • Lobbying legislation packages that support the mission & goals of the PA HOPE Caucus
  • Regional public policy meetings on Prescription Drugs to maximize promotion and awareness of Caucus and its mission/goals: Philadelphia (SE) | York (SC) | Pittsburgh (WPA) | Wilkes Barre (NEPA) | Westmoreland (SWPA)
  • Meetings will focus on Prescription Drugs and their impact (good, bad and otherwise) on patients, doctors, the medical community, families and neighborhoods in PA and nationwide.
  • Press conference & advocacy day @ Capitol (Sept. 2016): “Day of Hope”



Sen. Gene Yaw (Chair)
Sen. Jay Costa (Chair)
Sen. Ryan Aument
Sen. Camera Bartolotta
Sen. John Blake
Sen. Lisa Boscola
Sen. Pat Browne

Sen. Michele Brooks
Sen. Larry Farnese
Sen. Wayne Fontana
Sen. Stewart Greenleaf
Sen. Scott Hutchinson
Sen. Tom Killion
Sen. Daylin Leach

Sen. Tom McGarrigle
Sen. Bob Mensch
Sen. Guy Reschenthaler
Sen. Mario Scavello
Sen. Judy Schwank
Sen. Mario Stefano
Sen. Christine Tartaglione

Sen. Elder Vogel
Sen. Scott Wagner
Sen. Kim Ward
Sen. Don White


Rep. Aaron Kaufer (Chair)
Rep. Ed Gainey (Chair)
Rep. Stephen Barrar
Rep. Karen Boback
Rep. Kevin Boyle
Rep. Tim Briggs
Rep. Mark Cohen
Rep. Tonyelle Cook-Artis
Rep. Dom Costa
Rep. Tina Davis
Rep. Gary Day
Rep. Madeleine Dean
Rep. Gene DiGirolamo
Rep. Maria Donatucci
Rep. Michael Driscoll

Rep. Garth Everrett
Rep. Dan Frankel
Rep. Frank Farry
Rep. John Galloway
Rep. Jaret Gibbons
Rep. Marcia Hahn
Rep. Jordan Harris
Rep. Ted Harhai
Rep. Lee James
Rep. Warren Kampf
Rep. Kate Klunk
Rep. Maureen Madden
Rep. John Maher
Rep. Tim Mahoney
Rep. Robert Matzie

Rep. Ron Marsico
Rep. Kurt Masser
Rep. Daniel McNeill
Rep. Dan Miller
Rep. Thomas Murt
Rep. Eric Nelson
Rep. Tedd Nesbit
Rep. Donna Oberlander
Rep. Michael O’Brien
Rep. Jason Ortitay
Rep. David Parker
Rep. Jack Rader
Rep. Mike Regan
Rep. Mark Rozzi
Rep. Stan Saylor

Rep. Steve Santarsiero
Rep. Lynda Schlegel-Culver
Rep. Peter Schweyer
Rep. Brian Sims
Rep. Pam Snyder
Rep. Mike Sturla
Rep. Marcy Toepel
Rep. Tarah Toohil
Rep. Judy Ward
Rep. Ryan Warner
Rep. Jake Wheatley
Rep. Jeff Wheeland
Rep. Rosita Youngblood